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WINDSOR AREA - updated 1/10/2017


    area has a sizeable Amish population, with several stores and shops you can visit. Windsor was once the exotic chicken capital of America.

    Two Amish stores serve Windsor's Amish community. The best-known one, Kuntry Bulk Grocery is closed Thursdays, Sundays & religious holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Jan. 6, Good Friday & Ascension Day [40 days after Easter]). Amish store has no phone.

    Amish grocery store (Kuntry Bulk Grocery): Southeast of Windsor. See directions below.
    When visiting the Kuntry Bulk Grocery, examine the jams & jellies, flours, sugars, teas, health foods, spices and utensils, as well as cookbooks, Amish crafts and perfume oils.

    A second Amish store, Lilac Lane Bulk Foods, is located 1 mile north of Windsor. Take WW highway north 1 mile, turn left (east) on NE 1400 road (this is also the county line), then 1/8 mile east.
    Lilac Lane is open Monday-Saturday, 8 AM-6 PM, closed Sundays & religious holidays. You may also find some Amish greenhouses and an Amish fabric store on 1400 road. Look for signs.


    Unfortunately, most of these stores we've listed in the past have closed.

    Windsor Area Dining:

    • Nina's Diner: Cafe & full menu, 800 W. Benton (MO-2 west) (660)647-5300
    • Bob's Drive-In: Burgers, etc., MO-52 east, summer only.
    • Raymond's: Full menu, 200 W. Main (sw end of downtown).
    • Wagon Wheel Cafe, Downtown 1 block east of flasher.

    Windsor Trailhead for the KATY Trail is located just east of the Casey's store. Horse trailer parking available

    Directions to Amish store from Cedarcroft front gate:

    To Windsor:
    Go LEFT (east) 6.2 miles to MO-23
    Go RIGHT (south) 3.4 miles to Rt "WW"
    Go LEFT (east) 8.7 miles to Windsor (Casey's store at junction MO-2

    To Kuntry Bulk Grocery from Casey's in Windsor (distances approximate).

    • Go LEFT (southeast) on MO-2 to Jct MO-52 - marker 1 (0.3 miles).
    • Continue STRAIGHT (southeast) on Benton Street to Jackson Street - marker 2 (0.4 miles)
    • Turn LEFT (east) on Jackson Street to Farrington Park - marker 3 (0.2 miles)
    • Turn RIGHT (south) on County Line and go until pavement ends - marker 4 (1.1 miles)
    • Turn left (east) on Brandon Road to store (1.1 miles) - marker 5
    • Store is on right, entrance is on south side of building.

    View WIndsor MO Amish store in a larger map

    The Amish store is closed Thursday & Sunday, plus religious holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Jan. 6, Good Friday & Ascension Day [40 days after Easter]). It does NOT have a telephone

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