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Warrensburg Antique & Assorted Shopping Guide
Last Updated 1/10/2017

    Many of Cedarcroft's guests seek shops that cater to special interests such as antiques, crafts or the unique.
    The shops are listed in alphabetical order. One shop is not favored over another because each business is unique. Stores on the "other" list are not necessarily antique shops and are listed for convenience. Please patronize other quality stores in Downtown Warrensburg or at the shopping centers. Shops marked with * are located in Downtown Warrensburg.
    Antique Stores, Flea Markets & amp;Thrift Stores

    * Salvation Army Thrift Store, Holden & Culton
    * Those Were the Days, 138 W. Pine, 747-8742. Large mall
    Hound Dog Flea Market, MO-13 south at 250 rd, 747-4466.
    Sheltered Workshop Thrift Shop, at workshop on Ridgeview

    Warrensburg Downtown Shopping Suggestions. The following stores are suggested for their uniqueness:

    * Cafe Blackadder: Art and eats; 121 N. Holden, 429-1525.
    * Treasured Blessings at Whimsey Lane: Gifts, etc., 205 N. Holden
    * Tranquility Shop: Gifts and uniques 128 N. Holden.
    * Rudy's Frame Shop & Gallery: Art prints & more; 122 W. Pine, 747-6688.
    * Rock n'Sports Entertainment: CDs, vinyl & Video games, 113 N. Holden

    Gift Ideas & Florals

    * Awesome Blossoms, 212 N. Holden
    * Ye Olde Flower Shoppe, 106 E. Market, 747-8138.

    Other Stores of Interest

    Alewel's Country Meats: Country cured meats, sausage; MO-13 north of US-50, 747-8261.

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